Development and Alumni

Contacting alumni

Alumni communications are managed by Development and Alumni who can provide guidance for students, researchers, or clubs and societies regarding contacting alumni.

Contacting alumni

Development and Alumni (D&A) manage and maintain the Alumni Register, the sole source of accurate and authenticated information regarding graduates. The Register contains over 250,000 records and is updated after each graduation with data from Academic Registry.

D&A also publish a monthly electronic newsletter, maintain a noticeboard of announcements on the Alumni Services website, and manage a number of active social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook.

How we can help

This combination of accurate information and an effective range of communications channels, means that we are well placed to provide assistance in the following situations:

  • Are you organising an event and would like to identify, or contact, potential alumni speakers or participants?
  • Are you conducting research and would like to contact a specific group of graduates?

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