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Staff payroll giving

The payroll giving scheme at the University of Edinburgh is a staff benefit in conjunction with Human Resources and Payroll allowing employees to give to any charity before tax is paid on income.

Staff payroll giving
Photo by Howard Lake. Creative Commons.

At the University of Edinburgh we operate a payroll giving scheme or GAYE (Give As You Earn). This allows employees to contribute to favoured charities and good causes on a regular basis whilst saving tax.

How does it work for you the employee?

When registering with the University of Edinburgh’s GAYE scheme, provided by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), employees have complete control over which charity or charities receive your money. 

Your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, meaning that part of your donation comes from money that would have otherwise gone to HMRC. It is then sent to CAF, who will forward it to your chosen charity or charities.

You will see it displayed on your payslip as GAYE.

How do I sign up?

  1. You can complete the online form which is found at
  2. You can complete a paper form and send it to Payroll, University of Edinburgh, Charles Stewart House, 9-16 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HT. 

Your questions answered

When does it start once I have completed the form?

If you have completed and returned the form to Payroll by the 5th of the month it will come from your next payslip on the 28th of that same month.

What charities can I donate to through the University of Edinburgh’s GAYE scheme?

The CAF charity search function allows you to choose from virtually every registered charity in the UK, as well as other organisations such as community groups which have a recognised charitable purpose.

Do I need to donate to a cause within the University?

No. The University of Edinburgh is committed to supporting all charitable giving and the associated costs.

Do I have to give a donation to the same charity every month?

Imagine CAF as a bank. They can either pass your GAYE donation from your salary directly to the charity of your choice, or you can pay your regular donation directly to CAF and they will hold it in a CAF Charity Account until you decide to donate it to a charity.

With a CAF Charity Account you can put money aside to donate to any charity, at any timeYou can also make donations with CAF Vouchers - which can be posted to your chosen charity and can be used with postal donation forms.

Will the charity know I am the donor?

If you are identified as a donor you will receive thanks from the charity and, in many cases, updates regarding how your donation is spent . You can also choose to give anonymously and avoid unwanted communications.

Gift Aid

If you donate to a charity through GAYE the charity cannot claim gift aid. The benefit is you get the tax saving and therefore could choose to give your savings to a different charity and support more than one. The level of tax saving depends on the rate of tax you pay.

Does it cost anything to donate in this way?

Virtually all charity donation methods, whether it be debit card, credit card, Direct Debit, Standing Order or online platforms like Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving incur administration costs. CAF charges a processing fee depending on the level of your donation. The University of Edinburgh covers these costs on behalf of the employee. Details of the charges can be found here. 

Further questions

If you have any further questions please contact either: