Development and Alumni

For current and potential supporters (both alumni and non-alumni), and other individuals

As well as your contact details, we may collect additional personal data depending on your relationship with the University.

Current and potential supporters (both alumni and non-alumni)

This data is collected when you enquire about, or register for, our activities or services, update your details in writing, by telephone or electronically, or otherwise provide us with personal data.

Up-to-date contact details, such as address, telephone number and email address may also be collected from other sources, such as a returned piece of mail where the occupier has provided your new contact details, or from a parent or other individual when we have tried to contact you using the contact details we hold for you, or Royal Mail's redirection service.

Contact details and personal data may also be collected from company and charity registers, company websites, the press or social media - such as LinkedIn.

You can object to us processing your data for these purposes at any time.

Personal data may also include:

  • a record of communications sent to or received from you by post, electronically or telephone;
  • your preferred methods of contact;
  • information about your other educational achievements;
  • details of any volunteering by you, or committee memberships, past and present;
  • your attendance at University events, including dietary and venue accessibility requirements if provided by you;
  • your interests, activities and any personal updates you provide;
  • information about your employment history, professional activities and financial information, including salary range;
  • details and notes from meetings with University staff concerning your fundraising and/or other opportunities to get involved in supporting the University;
  • details and notes about visits to the University;
  • notes from conversations with student callers who may have called you on our behalf;
  • a record of bulk communications, such as our e-newsletter, when you opened them and if you clicked on links to articles within the emails;
  • relationships and connections to other alumni, donors and supporters;
  • family and spouse/partner details, such as name, interests, employment, attendance at University;
  • philanthropic interests and gifts to other charitable organisations;
  • information about your use of services provided by, or on behalf of, the University;
  • photographs from events or profile photographs for editorials.

We may also hold information that has been created by us from other personal data that we already hold about you, which may include:

  • internal classification of your relationship with the University as a donor or potential donor, and information on your philanthropic interests, your wealth and ability to make a philanthropic gift;
  • internal classifications and ratings about your level of engagement with the University.

Other individuals

We also collect information about other individuals connected to the work of Development and Alumni.

Information we collect about other individuals are detailed below and come from the following sources:

  • For staff or students who apply for a Student Experience Grant, applicants are required to submit some personal data as part of the application process including your University UUN, email address, postal address, telephone number and matriculation number;
  • For non-graduate members of the General Council, we receive a list from the University’s HR database of staff who are members of the General Council and of Court Members from the University’s Court Services;
  • For student callers employed by us, you are notified as part of the recruitment process about what personal data we collect. We append this information to your alumni record on completion of your studies;
  • For student beneficiaries of scholarships, you may provide photographs and testimonials for appeals and publications. Any of your personal data that is shared with the funder will be based on your consent;
  • For individuals at organisations with whom we already have, or are building a relationship with, we will hold your contact details in relation to your position and the work we are doing with that organisation;
  • For individuals with whom we are in touch about the University being an executory  beneficiary, we hold your contact details in relation to administering the estate of the deceased person.  
  • For family members who sign up to receive updates about the university, as well as for the purposes and data described in this privacy notice, we hold the name and course of the student to which you are related in order that you can receive occasional communications about University news, activities in Edinburgh, and events in your region.