Development and Alumni

Spring 2017 grant awards

An overview of the Innovation Initiative Grants awarded in the spring 2017 round of applications.

School, Unit, Club or Society Project Title Project Overview Grant Awarded
Business School Researching Insurtech prospects in Kenyan micro-insurance Raise awareness through research on how technological innovations can provide cheaper micro-insurance to uninsured Kenyans. £2,608.00
Business School How does fintech challenge traditional asset management firm? Analyse the major fintech trends that are challenging the traditional investment management industry. £800.00

Edinburgh College of Art

One place after another A  site specific opera for children performed and created in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. £3,000.00
Edinburgh College of Art Colour and Soul: wayfinding for a dementia ward Collaborative project for an architectural colour installation at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. £2,250.00
Edinburgh College of Art Biodesign Challenge student support Support for student participation in the Biodesign Challenge at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. £3,800.00
Edinburgh Law School Just Justice Workshop An author-meets-critics workshop on a book manuscript at pre-publication stage. £500.00
Moray House School Of Education Antarctica expedition: Women in science and leadership Heightening the role of women in policy and decision making as it shapes our planet. £5,000.00
School of Divinity Christian-Muslim relations in Jordan Conduct fieldwork on Christian-Muslim engagement in Jordan. £800.00
School of Health in Social Science Connecting doctoral researchers in developmental psychology Launching a Scotland-wide network of doctoral researchers to create impact in applied developmental psychology. £2,546.50
School of Health in Social Science Healthcare Associated Infections – playing the game! Co-creating an engaging board game to support experiential and peer assisted learning. £2,500.00
School of History, Classics and Archaeology Ancient Literature Podcast Produce a podcast about ancient literature for a broad audience. £320.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Fourth edition of the Edinburgh Spanish Film festival ESFF wants to widen its audience, creating links between Spain and Scotland cultural life. £3,500.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Interdisciplinary Posters for an International Conference Showcasing research, fostering interdisciplinarity, and developing public engagement skills through posters for an international conference. £1,245.00
School of Social and Political Science

Edinburgh Solar Cardboard Challenge

Design and build a recyclable solar lantern for use in developing countries. £4,290.00
Edinburgh Medical School BASE - Skills for Aspiring Surgeons A half-day introductory course for medical students interested in surgery, focused on four core elements. £663.70
Edinburgh Medical School Personality and High-Altitude Illness Symptoms in Bolivia A high-altitude illness research project using questionnaires at 5300m in the Bolivian Andes. £500.00
Edinburgh Medical School Human neutrophil responses to prolonged systemic hypoxia Assess human neutrophil gene expression following prolonged systemic exposure to low oxygen levels (hypoxia). £2,900.00

Edinburgh Medical School: Clinical Sciences

To gather information and analyse the requirements for the use of 360° videos Assess the feasibility of using 360° videos to enhance learning for online students. £3,041.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Study of a novel gamma-herpesvirus in the European mink Detect a novel gamma-herpesvirus in the critically endangered European mink. £3,500.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Scaffolding e-learning tools in the BVM&S Curriculum Evaluate the use of the Virtual Slaughterhouse as a teaching tool within the veterinary Curriculum. £3,000.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre: An Engaging Campus Equipping Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre, a purpose-built teaching laboratory for public and community engagement. £2,500.00

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Edinburgh Conservation Science (ECOS) Support the formation of an innovative multi-partner initiative called Edinburgh Conservation Science (ECOS). £3,320.00
School of Biological Sciences Toolkit to quantify Rubisco gene response to the environment Investigating how key photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco responds to different environments and contributes to plant productivity. £2,512.00
School of Engineering Wind velocity monitoring based on acoustic tomography Develop an acoustic tomography system to monitor wind velocity field in renewable energy industry. £4,630.00
School of Engineering ChemEng coaching club Giving chemical engineering students formal coaching in public presentation and soft skills. £2,500.00
School of GeoSciences Exploring the beauty in Arctic change Enhance public understanding of Arctic environmental change through data visualisations and videography. £3,850.00
School of Informatics Talking phone boxes on the edge of the Hebrides Tiree Techwave experience, delivering talking phone boxes on the rugged edge of the Inner Hebrides. £2,400.00
Non-Academic Department: Edinburgh Global Summer Intern - Edinburgh Global and India Office Offer a student internship within the Edinburgh global team and office in Mumbai. £569.00
Enactus Edinburgh Water harvesting and filtration using fog catchers Providing clean access to water through the use of fog catchers and biosand filters. £3,000.00
FreshAir Podcast Studio Purchase and installation of second studio for creation of podcasts and prerecord material. £1,416.37
University of Edinburgh Embedded and Robotics Society Equipping an Embedded and Robotics laboratory Helping beginners get started in the difficult areas of Embedded and Robotics with training equipment. £3,380.00