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Autumn 2015 grant awards

An overview of the Innovation Initiative Grants awarded in the autumn 2015 round of applications.

Project Title Project Overview School, Unit, Club or Society

Amount (£) 

Exploring post-crisis challenges and opportunities  Students will explore challenges and opportunities in the financial markets by engaging with prestigious organisations. Business School 3060.00
Where and When... ?: Building the Yaqut Portal Project To build an online platform where Arabic learners/teachers can discover, share and review resources. School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures 4342.50
Demotic Language and Contemporary Art This project will examine the uses of demotic language within national and international contemporary art. College of Art 3350.00
Walking through Edinburgh’s scientific past Creating a digital platform for a tour-app of the history of science in Edinburgh. School of Social and Political Science 4985.00
Choir and stigma Investigate how singing in a choir can reduce mental health stigma. School of Health in Social Science 4890.00
A Year of Dangerous Women (DWP) This is a digital platform showcasing how, why and when women are perceived as dangerous. School of Law 2000.00
Fiesta of Impact Celebrate, encourage and facilitate research with social impact with staff, students and stakeholders. School of Law 1175.00
Urban Emptiness  Workshop Symposium on the themes of silence and emptiness in relation to urban experience. College of Art 4342.50
2nd International Conference on Progressive Rock Organize an interdisciplinary conference on progressive rock that involves musicology, sociology and media studies. College of Art 2456.80
International Homicide:The EHM and Methodological Challenges To enable discussion among students and researchers regarding challenges and future directions of homicide research. School of Law 705.80
The Neural and Cognitive Profiles of Dyslexic Musicians  Exploring brain connectivity, information processing speed, language skills and musical skills in dyslexic musicians. College of Art 4140.00
Experiences in Marketing Conference  An interactive conference for students to learn about challenges and opportunities in the marketing profession. Business School 1900.00
Documentary Launch and Consultations: ‘Hidden in Silence’ Launch a documentary on Childhood Sexual Abuse in Scottish Ethnic Minorities through two screening sessions. School of Health in Social Science 2660.40
Evaluation of the daily mile programme Evaluate a unique primary school physical activity programme. School of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health 4834.00
Photographic record Capture images (with a scale) of organs and tissue for future reference. School of Clinical Sciences 515.00
Role of dendritic cells in the infection of nerves by prions To test the hypothesis that dendritic cells transfer prions from the gut to peripheral nerves. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies 2764.00
A method for chytridiomycosis disinfection of larval stage Develop a treatment method for Salamanders for an infection causing devastating amphibian declines worldwide. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies 1668.00
Edinburgh University Team Doctors Train Edinburgh Medics so they can be team doctors for University and local sports teams. Medicine 1000.00
EUGBS Medical brigade to Honduras 2016  Provision of medical supplies for volunteering trip to Honduras. Medicine 2000.00
Pint of Science Festival Edinburgh 2016 The brightest researchers present their latest scientific discoveries to the public over a pint. School of Clinical Sciences 2000.00
An Introduction to Plastic Surgery A student information evening including interactive talks, career exploration and practical surgical skills sessions. Medicine 340.00
Developing the TableFarm – a domestic plant growth platform Design and evaluate an interactive domestic table-top plant growing system - the TableFarm. School of Biological Sciences 3235.00
Smart aerial control Spark interest in smart control for unmanned aerial systems at the University of Edinburgh. School of Informatics 1585.00
Offering taught students the chance to obtain hands-on exper Offering taught students the chance to obtain practical experience with robots in an international competition. School of Informatics 2500.00
The Emergence of Biological Architecture Symposium to establish student and staff interdisciplinary collaborations, on nature inspired design solutions. School of Engineering 3000.00
A wonderful day Workshop on Wonderful Compactifications and Vinberg Monoid. School of Mathematics 1300.00
The 25th Annual GeoSciences Graduate School Conference To enable the 25th anniversary conference now it has divested from petro-mining support. School of GeoSciences 5000.00
Edinburgh Nets Ending the cycle of dependence, using entrepreneurial, sustainable solutions. Edinburgh Nets 1500.00
EUTV: Equipment Development Project To provide EUTV with the equipment necessary to become an autonomous student television channel. 

Television Society (EUTV)

RAG Week - Battle of the Societies An event to relaunch RAG Week. ESCA 600.00
FreshAir Live Commentary Giving students of Edinburgh the opportunity to provide live commentary on Edinburgh sporting events. FreshAir 912.00
Sign Language Society Extension Project Enabling our society members to advance their Sign Language skills via an accredited course. Sign Language Society 1250.00