Development and Alumni

Featured projects

Find out more about students and staff whose projects were made possible by an Innovation Initiative Grant.

Increasing access to clean water

Using an innovative fog catching system, students have increased access to clean and affordable water for a community in the Atlas Mountains.

Dangerous women

A unique initiative that explores the concept of dangerous women has been completed with the help of an alumni-funded grant.

Signpost to Tanzania

A linguistics student is set to produce one of the world’s first descriptive studies of Tanzanian sign language thanks to the generosity of Edinburgh alumni.

A breath of FreshAir

FreshAir radio
An alumni funded Innovation Initiative Grant has given students a unique opportunity to provide live commentary at Edinburgh sporting events.

A scientist walks into a bar

Pint of Science
The Pint of Science festival made its debut appearance in Edinburgh thanks to an alumni-funded Innovation Initiative Grant.

Why lose it if you can use it?

The Swap and Reuse HUB has grown from an event for new students to the UK's first registered student co-operative incorporating workshops, food sharing and bicycle maintenance.

Lighting up science

Dr Adam Kirrander
Inspired by the International Year of Light and with the help of an alumni funded grant, Dr Adam Kirrander led a team in creating an interactive and educational computer game.

Accessing the inaccessible

Dr Nick Hulton
University of Edinburgh graduate and lecturer, Nick Hulton on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, mapping inaccessible terrain and receiving an Innovation Initiative Grant.

More for less

Lienda Kavindele
Student Lienda Kavindele wanted to challenge the theory that developing countries don’t have the means to innovate; an alumni funded grant enabled her to do so.

Mr Plastic fantastic

Wael Seaiby
Wael Seaiby turns rubbish into beautiful objects with a little help from an alumni funded grant.