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Autumn 2016 grant awards

An overview of the Innovation Initiative Grants awarded in the autumn 2016 round of applications.

School, Unit, Club or Society Project Title Project Overview Grant Awarded
College of Art Modal Music and Turkish Makam Workshop and Performance Introducing Modal Music of the Middle East through a 2-day workshop and performance. £1,000.00
College of Art Anxiety Companion Produce an empathic wearable that eases anxiety in the user with the aid of robotics and sensory stimulation. £2,918.00
Moray House School Of Education                       Too close to home? Student support in mental health teaching Enhancing support for CAHSS students learning about mental health and other potentially emotionally sensitive topics. £4,467.00
School of Health in Social Science What does ‘terrorism’ mean to young people? Investigate youth perceptions of terrorism through artwork. £3,404.00
School of History, Classics and Archaeology The path to work: a cross-disciplinary approach Develop a cross-disciplinary analysis of historical migrants’ commutes. £3,875.00
Edinburgh Law School The CPO: A Retrospective and Prospects for the Future Enable discussion between students, researchers and practitioners on developments and challenges in community sentencing. £596.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Myopia Crowdsource a more diverse curriculum, by soliciting reviews through a student-run website. £2,885.00
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science Transparent practices for protecting your research from bias Teach skills designed to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of behavioural research. £5,000.00
School of Social and Political Science Renewable energy workshops in Ghanaian schools Disseminating PhD research to increase the impact of the applicant’s studies with practical action. £4,960.00
School of Biological Sciences MinIon DNA Sequencing for Undergrads Bringing the latest DNA sequencing into the third year biology courses. £3,000.00
School of Engineering Design of an Engine Dynamometer System Design of a hydraulic engine dynamometer for Edinburgh University Formula Student competition.  £4,500.00
School of GeoSciences Coding Club – a peer-to-peer learning environment Create ‘Coding Club’ - a positive and supportive student-led learning community developing research skills. £2,720.00
School of GeoSciences Project Elpis Bring solar power and education to refugees. £3,750.00
School of Biomedical Sciences Role of SPZ1, a novel tumour suppressor, in HPV carcinogenesis Study the role of SPZ1 in the carcinogenesis caused by HPV.


School of Clinical Sciences The effect of FAM19A4 on endometriosis-associated macrophage Investigate endometrial expression of FAM19A4 and FPR1 receptor expression in human tissue and the animal model of peritoneal endometriosis to support the close association of FAM19A4 and its receptor FPR1 in endometriosis.  £1,349.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Lateral immunoassay use in the diagnosis of canine septic peritonitis Evaluation of this point-of-care test and its agreement with current existing techniques. £2,815.00
Medicine Repetitive strain injuries in gastrointestinal endoscopists Investigating repetitive strain injuries in colonoscopists, with the aim to improve colonoscopy practice. £2,836.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Science at the Interface of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems Hosting an international, student-led workshop on One Health in conjunction with Hokkaido University, Japan. £1,000.00
Young Scientific Researchers Association Young Scientific Researchers Association Projects Support projects undertaken by members of Young Scientific Researchers Association. £272.00
Edinburgh MedTech Edinburgh MedTech Launch and Promotion Increasing visibility through marketing methods and aiming to be the first inter-disciplinary medical society in the University of Edinburgh. £100.00
Engineering Innovation Society In-house production of 3D printing material Purchase of own 3D printing material production equipment for cheaper and more sustainable rapid prototyping. £1,500.00
HypED Building "Mini" Hyperloop For SpaceX Competition And More Working towards building a high-grade prototype (“mini” hyperloop) and participating in the SpaceX competition in California. £3,000.00
Edinburgh University Design Society Drawbot Design, Build, and Exhibition Interactive exhibition of CNC drawbots: a collaboration between artists and engineers. £650.00
EdiDance Outfitting EdiDance Prodiving EdiDance with the proper material and branding to foster its development. £500.00
Edinburgh University String Orchestra Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Musical Excellence Celebrating 25th anniversary in an ambitious concert with alumni and founder. £950.00
Retrospect Journal Retrospect Journal's 10th Anniversary Launch Funding the tenth anniversary edition of Retrospect Journal. £278.00
History Society History Society trip to Lisbon, Portugal Taking 40 students to Lisbon for the festival of creative learning. £500.00
Mental Health and Wellbeing Society Providing Mental Health First Aid for the student body Giving the student population an opportunity to benefit from Mental Health First Aid courses. £1,500.00
Edinburgh University Curling Club Curling Club Development Developing skills and quality of play, increasing membership and starting a community of curlers. £735.00
Orienteering Club Re-Mapping of Holyrood Map The complete re-mapping of the frequently used Arthur's Seat/Holyrood orienteering map. £850.00
Edinburgh University Women's Hockey Club European Hockey Championships Challenge II, Vienna 2017 EUWHC 1st XI will travel to Vienna to compete in the European Hockey Championships. £1,972.00
Peer Learning & Support Office Peer Learning & Support Fund Resources for use in academic and pastoral support sessions for 40+ peer support groups. £1,000.00