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School of Biological Sciences

Creating one of the world’s finest research clusters for the study of biology.

School of Biological Sciences

The University of Edinburgh’s £80m vision for the School of Biological Sciences is to create one of the world’s finest research clusters for the study of biology.

A centre of excellence

A remodeled and augmented complex of buildings at our historic King’s Building’s campus is crucial to this ambition. The new complex will form a physical and metaphorical focal point for the research and collaborations of our 600+ biologists and their academic partners from around the University and the globe.

Solving global challenges

Biological Sciences is undergoing a hugely exciting revolution as we begin to increasingly understand the genome; how it is expressed in living organisms, how it can be influenced and even how it can be repaired or built from scratch.

Edinburgh is at the forefront of these exciting developments, and the School’s programme of research aims to use this expertise to help solve the great challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century - disease, pollution, food security, creation of pharmaceuticals and more.

The power of collaboration

Collaboration is key to solving these problems and the new complex of buildings will ensure our broad range of scientists will have the space, the facilities and the opportunity to work together and make the breakthroughs that matter.

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