Development and Alumni

University events

Guidance and advice is available to support your university event whatever its scale or intended audience.

University events

While the Events and Protocol team is focused on delivering large-scale university events, we are also available to provide varying levels of consultation and assistance for all University staff needing event planning support.

We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you during the early planning stages of your event and, based on these discussions, will outline a level of support that we can provide.

Alumni and donors

We also work closely with colleagues who specialise in alumni engagement, fundraising and donor relations. If you are keen to involve alumni, donors or prospective donors in your event then please contact us and we can take advantage of the knowledge and resources available. This includes:

  • Access to the Alumni Register and advice regarding its effective use.
  • Suggested speakers, workshop facilitators or other potential event participants.
  • Advice and guidance regarding all aspects of event organisation including invitations, booking, venues, catering and security.
  • Help in promoting your event to alumni.