Development and Alumni

University Regents

Regents are the way that University recognises and harnesses the knowledge, expertise and guidance of a nominated group of volunteers.

University Regents

Regents advise on key project areas including philanthropy, alumni engagement, working with University of Edinburgh Trusts and governing bodies, international student recruitment and public engagement.

The role of a Regent

Each Regent has a specific and tailored role that reflects the skills of the individual and the requirements of the projects in which they choose to be involved.

Each Regent is assigned a key contact within Development and Alumni, who acts as a link to the day to day running of the department, and who provides regular updates regarding specific projects.

The process

  • Nominations are made by staff and the list of Regents ratified annually by the University Court.
  • The term of office is initially for 3 years but with the option to stand for multiple terms.
  • New Regents are appointed annually.

Current Regents

Mr John Allan CBE
Dr Armeane M Choksi
Mr John Clare CBE
Dr Michael Cross
Dr Neil Cross
Mr George A David OBE
Mr Roger Dye
Mr Simon Fennell
Dr Roualeyn Fenton-May
Dr Edwin Feulner
Mr Ian A Godden
Dr Allan Little
Mr Gregor R Logan
Mrs Bridget Macaskill
Mr David A McCorquodale
Dr Sheena McDonald
Mr Alan McFarlane
Mr Malcolm I Offord
The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC MP
Mr Ian Russell CBE (Chair)
Mr Kenichi Shoji
Mr William Webb
Mr Crawford W Beveridge CBE
Dr Alan Brown
Dr George Gunn
Dr Katherine Grainger CBE
Mr John McAslan CBE
Professor Charles Hendry
Dr Philippa Gregory