Development and Alumni

Our commitment to sustainability

Development and Alumni is committed to contributing to social responsibility and sustainability at the University of Edinburgh.

Sustainability Awards - Silver - Offices - 2019

This includes supporting the University’s Climate Strategy through our working practices.

The University’s Climate Strategy - Zero by 2014

What are we doing?

Within Development and Alumni, we are taking the following steps

  • Participating in the University’s Sustainability Awards programme. We were awarded a Silver Sustainability Award in 2019.

  • Improving resource efficiencies through pooled procurement of office supplies, paperless sharing of information, enhanced recycling facilities and energy saving measures.

  • Embedding a culture of sustainability and social responsibility by actively promoting and supporting sustainable travel, healthy working lives and charitable activities.
  • Supporting research and teaching on climate responsibility through fundraising for scholarships, research and projects in this area. For example:
    • the MSc in Carbon Management,
    • professional climate literacy education and
    • the Edinburgh Ocean Leaders Programme.