Development and Alumni

The Alumni Register

Under the constitution, the University must maintain a register of all graduates for the General Council.

The Alumni Register

The Alumni Register (or database) is administered and maintained by Development and Alumni on behalf of the University. The Register is referred to as the “golden copy” and is the sole source of accurate and authenticated information regarding graduates.

Facts about the Register

  • It contains over 250,000 records.
  • It is updated after each graduation with data from Student Administration.
  • The oldest record is for an individual who graduated in 1911.
  • We have alumni all over the world but the top five countries of residence represented on the Register are currently the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Greece.

How you can use the Register

Alumni communications are managed and coordinated by Development and Alumni who can provide advice and guidance to university schools and departments who are interested in communicating with alumni. We can also contact alumni on behalf of graduates, students or researchers. Examples of when this might be appropriate include:

  • If you are organising a reunion and would like to invite graduates from your year group or society.
  • If you would like to contact a graduate to invite them to speak at a student or university event.

Please note that we cannot pass on alumni contact information and all communication is managed by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

More about data protection

Help us maintain the Register

Schools and departments

Many schools and departments maintain close relationships with their alumni and there will be many instances where the department has contact details for their alumni where Development and Alumni does not.

Regular updates from your department will ensure the Alumni Register is kept up to date.


If you are a graduate of the University please keep your contact details up to date and ensure that you receive updates from us regarding alumni benefits, careers support and exclusive events. You can keep your contact details up to date, and register for your alumni card, using a secure website called the MyEd Alumni Portal.

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