Edinburgh Dental Institute


Plagiarism prevention and detection using Turnitin.

The University of Edinburgh uses Turnitin's Originality Check, managed by iParadigms Europe Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, for deterring and detecting potential plagiarism. The service matches text from student work against extensive databases of websites, academic reference materials, and previously submitted student papers, producing both an originality score and detailed originality report.

Use of the service not only allows the University to systematically check for plagiarism, thus helping to ensure that all students' work is original and graded accordingly, but can also help students to improve their academic writing skills by providing active feedback on citation and referencing.


What every student should know

The plagiarism detection service works by executing searches of the World Wide Web, and extensive databases of reference material, as well as content previously submitted by other users. Each new submission is compared with all the existing information. The software makes no decisions as to whether a student has plagiarised, it simply highlights sections of text that are duplicated in other sources. All work will continue to be reviewed by the course tutor. Once work has been submitted to the system it becomes part of the ever growing database of material against which subsequent submissions are checked. The software is used as a tool to highlight any instance where there is a possible case of plagiarism. Passages copied directly or very closely from existing sources will be identified by the software and both the original and the potential copy will be displayed for the tutor to view. Where any direct quotations are relevant and appropriately referenced, the course tutor will be able to see this and will continue to consider the next highlighted case.

This will help you understand  academic standards and expectation levels determined by the University of Edinburgh.  It is advised that every Edinburgh Dental Institute student read the tutorial carefully.


Our Online Primary Dental Care students should read the guidelines written for the VLE