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Information for Edinburgh Dental Institute Staff

Our Staff

Our staff working at Edinburgh Dental Institute

Staff Leave Management (secured)

Edinburgh Dental Institute Annual leave management.

Data protection and patient confidentiality (secured)

For Staff and Students at University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian staff and students accurate and secure personal health information is an essential part of patient health care. All staff have an ethical and legal duty to keep patient information confidential.

Personnel Matters (secured)

Everyday advice for working in EDI (including forms)

Pay, Reward and Conditions of Service (secured)

A condensed list of Pay Scales Reward Processes and Conditions of Services.

Staff Induction (secured)

What you need to know when you first join us.

Health and Safety (secured)

Working safely in Edinburgh Dental Institute

Staff Benefits (secured)

A wide range of benefits and services available to University staff.

Retirement (secured)

Retirement legislation and processes and details of the Universities Retired Staff Association. (URSA).