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Health informatics – the expert analysis of privacy-protected medical and population data powered by high performance computer systems – is now critical to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Healthcare is becoming increasingly data intensive. Huge privacy protected data sets can be created by curating:

  • patient and other population based data
  • real-time information from sensors including wearable devices
  • data about the environment
  • social data collected by government administrations
  • and also data from the sequencing of genomes

New types of partnerships between universities, the public sector, industry and the public at large are required to work with all this information to develop solutions for our most pressing healthcare problems and so:

  • provide better, targeted care for cancer patients
  • develop new medical technology
  • inform national and global health policy making

Building upon the University of Edinburgh’s enviable track record of innovation with data and supported by the MRC Proximity to Discovery Industry Engagement Fund, Edinburgh Health Informatics is the accelerator that brings together key figures with a track record of company creation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation alongside interdisciplinary cohorts of academics from medical, social, informatics and engineering backgrounds.

We work with other universities, institutes, national innovation centres, government agencies and companies to find the best ways to turn ideas into applications.

Our job is to connect, inform, fund, train and build capacity.

We run or support a series of initiatives that are all aimed at developing a flourishing cluster of innovation in the fields of medical informatics, data science and digital health.

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