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Open Innovation Workshops

Whether setting a grand challenge that requires innovative technical and business-minded collaborative solutions, or exploring new commercial models for the data science sector, you’ll find our open innovation workshops provide the ideal forum for getting results.



Delivered in partnership with Farr@Scotland and the Innovative Health Delivery Programme (IHDP), we supported the launch (7th July 2015) of a programme that aligned Innovation Centre Grand Challenge Funds (from the Scottish Funding Council) with Scottish Government investment in IHDP at a high profile national “Cancer Frontiers” meeting that brought together key NHS, academic and industry players.

The event focused on common/ shared problems in cancer and released funding to co-create activities that demonstrate feasibility and routes to development for new products and processes that will be introduced, and trialled in Scotland, with the potential for commercialisation and roll-out internationally.

Event participants were drawn directly from the innovation community that our MRC Proximity to Discovery industry engagement funding has nurtured. Key partners noted that successful collaborative proposals arising from the event would require innovative technical and business process solutions relevant to many businesses across Scotland and beyond and as such, have the capability to significantly ramp up cross-sectoral R&D.

Transforming cancer care in Scotland

Innovative Health Delivery Programme


Business Model Innovation Workshops

New data, intellectual and infrastructural assets demand new trajectories for exploitation. Novel research outputs can be disadvantaged by the current Intellectual Property framework and the formulaic application of standard business models.

We support activities that proactively produce business model innovation that move beyond tradition in order to reshape industries and redistribute value. Our aim is to co-develop new value propositions, shaping cross-sectoral demand for our high value outputs.


Sandpits and Unconferences

We are keen to collaborate with industry and Scotland’s innovation centres to facilitate ‘blue sky thinking’ events that might address technical demands, pose problems, explore solution or undertake gap analysis.

Of particular interest is to focus on data already collected and available through health and social care integration to begin to answer some key challenges facing NHS systems and to define risk prediction tools on clinical outcomes that could be further supported by commercialisation.

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