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Edinburgh based with collaborations across the UK and overseas, we’re shaping an innovation community to drive progress in medical informatics, data science & digital health.

Carlton Hill and the Queens Medical Research Institute in Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh Health Informatics, where technology meets healthcare. Strengthening existing and building new relationships across academia, the public sector and industry is key to creating a high energy environment of opportunity that will improve patient care, the health of our populations, as well as the safety and profitability of our healthcare systems.

The University of Edinburgh is an international force in informatics and data science with an enviable track record in both academia and public sector / industry engagement – championing researcher-entrepreneurs, commercialising discoveries and supporting knowledge transfer.

In fact, the University of Edinburgh holds the UK record for the number of spin-off companies over the last decade.

Edinburgh also collaborates widely, harnessing its own cross-campus expertise as well as partnering with industry, leading universities and the all-important NHS, to deliver value for companies, the public sector and the economy at large – from training the next generation of specialist data scientists to generating frontline clinical and scientific intelligence.

Powered by the UK’s largest high performance and data intensive computing systems, our flourishing data science and digital health cluster is co-located with a major teaching hospital, the University’s renowned medical research institutes and dedicated incubator facilities at Edinburgh’s BioQuarter, Little France.

A trusted data research environment, we host the Scottish nodes of the MRC funded Farr Institute and the ESRC funded Administrative Data Research Centre. These key organisations allow us to tackle complex health, social, economic and environmental questions by providing accredited researchers with anonymised NHS patient data and de-identified information collected by government organisations.

Scotland has some of the world’s best electronic health records with data linkage possible between hospital based and primary care clinical information systems with other powerful data assets.

  • 1.5 million hospital admissions per annum
  • 91 million prescriptions per annum
  • 18 million+ digitized images (since 2008)

Other expertise at hand include the University’s Usher Institute, which focuses on population health sciences, global health and medical informatics, as well as 2 Innovation Centres which kick start and support commercial projects.

Edinburgh is indeed at the forefront of data driven discovery, while health informatics is one of the fastest growing segments of information technology and computer science. By bringing together academics from medical, social, informatics and engineering with entrepreneurs and commercialisation experts, our innovation community is redefining how universities, the public sector and industry can co-create and be a force for good.


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