Edinburgh Health Informatics

Market research

Informing strategic decision making.

male scientist holding samples alongside a woman working on laptop

For University of Edinburgh researchers with a healthcare informatics based project that will soon be ripe for commercialising, help is at hand to bring your hard work to fruition.

Pilot market research assessments that explore niche(s) for the application of emergent data-driven technology are essential to inform your strategy.

These could include a competitor analysis (current and emerging alternatives), identification of prospective end-users and evaluation of market potential (extent of unmet need, trends, drivers and barriers to adoption).

If you have a potential intellectual asset or a proposal to explore the scope of commercial implementation models for your medical informatics research we’d love to hear from you. 

Please provide a short summary of your interest area to: discoverEHI@ed.ac.uk

During the course of the year we can provide funding to support such activity from projects and partners that have formed spin-outs or are in the process of establishment.