Edinburgh Data Science

Aims and goals

The Edinburgh Data Science (EDS) initiative builds on existing data science efforts within the University of Edinburgh, bringing the community together with an emphasis on communication, sharing of best practice, and future development.

McEwan Hall


Data richness and our access to the technologies needed to understand it are opening up radical new ways of approaching research, innovation and education.

The aim of Edinburgh Data Science (EDS) is to position Edinburgh as a high profile, innovative data environment with credibility for large-scale external investment in this emerging cross-disciplinary theme.  In doing so, the initiative will creatively address the most important global challenges, open up vibrant new directions for research across disciplines, create new business opportunities, inform policy making, and improve our environment and health.


Edinburgh Data Science acts as a hub for national and international data across the arts and sciences; developing networks of expertise in managing and accessing all forms of data. 

  • Within the University of Edinburgh, data science is viewed as a major strength and strategic opportunity across disciplines.
  • Our immersion in data makes the distance between observation and conclusion shorter and more immediate. This fundamentally changes our view of academic study; it allows experiments that were impossible to become practical and it allows radically new systems to be engineered. We shape these new forms of study and engineer these systems.
  • Social sharing of data creates new and unexpected insights across traditional academic areas and we are building the expertise and social structure to develop this potential.