Data Protection

Data protection guidance

This page contains the definitions, legal basis for processing personal data, specialised guidance, guidance on data processing by students and guidance on data subject rights.


Definitions of the terms used in Data Protection legislation

Legal basis for data processing

How to determine the legal basis for processing personal data

Privacy notices

This guidance is for any member of University staff who needs to make sure they have a compliant privacy notice. Please note: The names 'privacy notice' and 'privacy statement' are used interchangeably.

Specialised guidance

This data protection guidance has been produced for staff by the University Data Protection Officer

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Guidance for staff and students on the processing of personal data using Generative Artificial Intelligence (such as ChatGPT)

Personal data processed by students

Students undertaking research or other work involving personal data

Sharing personal data

These webpages explain how University staff should deal with non routine enquiries to share information about third parties

Data protection and social media

Social media is an important tool for staff and students but use must comply with data protection laws.