Data Protection

Data Protection Champions and Steering Group

All areas of the University should have their own data protection champion

Data Protection Champions

The data protection champion for your area should be your first point of contact for data protection queries.

A business area is defined as a part of the University that has a common set of activities and records. It is difficult to define a business area precisely, but each school will probably have two or more Data Protection Champions.

List of Data Protection Champions [University login required]


The Data Protection Steering Group

The Data Protection Steering Group is a shared leadership forum to ensure that the University has the right prioritisation, resources and connections in implementing and monitoring data protection laws and to ultimately provide the assurance that the University will be compliant, and will manage any risk to that compliance, through these processes. The group meets on a monthly basis. 

The Steering Group has the following members: 

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Jim Nisbet, Planning Officer

College of Science and Engineering


University Secretary's Group Kate Brook, Director of Services, Development & Alumni

Corporate Services Group

Ashley Shannon, Director of Operations
Information Services Group Alistair Fenemore, Chief Information Security Officer
Academic Representative  tbc                    
Finance Lorna McLoughlin