Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships (XDF)

Programme Activities

Scientific events, social meetups, projects, publications and more.

This section lets you figure out what is going on within the XDF Programme. It describes the programme structure, associated events and research outcomes. It also lists available projects, projects supervisors, and provides a "Project matchmaking facility" where interested investigators can express new ideas for cross-disciplinarry research and search for collaborators/co-supervisors.

Programme events

xdf programme events
Events associated with the XDF programme.

Programme overview

xdf programme overview
General description of the XDF programme.

Notable outcomes & achievements

xdf achievements
Publications, awards and other achievements.

Project supervisors

xdf project supervisors
Investigators providing guidance and support.

Projects (secured)

xdf projects
Available projects.

Project matchmaking facility (secured)

xdf project matchmaking
Forum for investigators interested in finding collaborators and new project ideas.