Covid-19 response

Our community

Members of the University community share their experience, projects and research with Covid-19.

A change for the better?

an image of Kate McCrae
Kate McCrae, a BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering student, shares how from her perspective, hybrid teaching has improved her University experience.

A hybrid journey

A close up of hands, a laptop and notebook.
Our students share their experiences of hybrid learning and teaching during the first weeks of the new academic year.

Adapting to hybrid teaching

The signage for the School of Engineering outside the Saunderson Building
Staff and students from the School of Engineering share their experiences of adapting to hybrid learning.

Our Health helps local community groups better understand Covid-19 research

A collage of eight different women, all looking into the camera and smiling.
Students from the University of Edinburgh have used their skills and access to research to help local community groups better understand Covid-19 research

Prospective students get help during lockdown

family around table  doing schoolwork
Would-be students from under-represented groups are benefitting from assistance offered by the University

University volunteers build database to share Covid-19 reviews

Shows screen of coronavirus stats
Since lockdown began, University staff, students and alumni have built a database of reviews concerning Covid-19.

University supports local action through emergency micro-grants fund

A young girl folds bright paper whilst looking at instructions on a laptop
Many local organisations have had to pause their day-to-day activities to respond to the health crisis in their communities. As part of its response to Covid-19, the University has set up an emergency micro-grants fund to support these organisations in their essential work.

Lothian Lockdown: documenting life during Covid-19

A woman records herself on her phone while wearing a facemask
A group of University of Edinburgh researchers from the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences have begun a project to record life in lockdown by collecting video diaries.