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The latest news on Coronavirus (Covid-19) from the University of Edinburgh.

Data-driven vision for City Region’s creative sector

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Data-driven innovation and technology are the keys to helping the creative sector in Edinburgh and its surrounding area recover from the effects of Covid-19, a new report suggests.

Covid-19 risk tool helps guide treatment

People who are admitted to hospital with Covid-19 can be divided into four distinct groups, according to data from the world’s largest study of patients with the disease.

Unlocking virus’ chemistry may help reduce spread

Ways in which the virus that causes Covid-19 reacts to different environments and surfaces – such as cardboard and copper – could be key to reducing transmission and developing a vaccine, a study says.

Quarter of tourism jobs threatened by Covid

More than one in four hospitality businesses in Scotland could go bust if the Covid-19 economic downturn is as severe as the financial crash of 2008, a new report says.

Funding boost to Covid-19 immune research

Immunologists have received a multimillion poundfunding boost to research the role of the immune system in Covid-19.

Covid-19 less severe in children, study finds

Doctor examining sick child in face mask
Children and teenagers are less likely than adults to develop severe Covid-19 or die from the disease, according to the world’s largest study of hospital patients with Covid-19.