Covid-19 response

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Comment and analysis on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak from Edinburgh's world-leading experts.

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Less crowded cities may not be a distant dream

View of a crowded city from above, with lots of lights from cars and the sun setting behind the hills in the distance.
Planners once dreamed of urban spaces with vast empty plazas and quiet streets. Post-pandemic, they might do so again.

Making the most of Inclusive Technology during Covid-19

Young girl with blonde hair tied into a pony tail, wearing a pink body warmer and looking into a smart tablet.
Home schooling is a challenge for every parent. But what about those children whose needs require additional support?

What can we learn from an empty classroom?

Close up image of wooden chairs and desks in a classroom
Thirty years ago, Belgian schools shut for several months. As pupils face a similar situation in lockdown, how did the closures affect the prospects of young people?

Can we give peace a chance during a pandemic?

Soldier in full uniform, holding a gun and wearing a protective mask and gloves.  - © razaklatif via Getty Images
Some countries fighting coronavirus are also beset by armed conflict. Can creative thinking address both crises to end unnecessary deaths in the world's trouble zones?

Lockdown can open doors to a brighter future

family dancing in livingroom
A survey seeking to capture the nation’s mood during Covid-19 can help us plan for better days.

Closing the door to refugees is not the answer

A solider in full kit, standing behind barbed wire that has childrens clothes hanging from it.
As countries across the globe close their borders in response to the pandemic, human rights and refugee protection standards must be observed to protect the vulnerable.