Covid-19 response

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Comment and analysis on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak from Edinburgh's world-leading experts.

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Homecoming in a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the ambitions of millions of migrants, with many having to return home. It is a mass homecoming tinged with half-realised dreams.

Testing wildlife could stop pandemics in their tracks

The key to reducing disease in humans is proactive disease surveillance in animals, and we already have the technology to do it

How Asia’s factories swapped high street fashion for PPE

Worker at sewing machine - Getty/Kzenon
As Covid-19 bit, Western clothing giants cancelled orders in Asian factories. Making PPE quickly filled the gap, but high demand could be fostering sweatshop conditions.

To beat Covid-19, test everyone regularly

Overhead image of a large crowd of people.
A mass, systematic population-wide testing for asymptomatic infections is the only way to eradicate the disease and avoid the ill effect of indiscriminate lockdown measures

Why wearing a face covering can make a difference

Woman with brown hair tied up, wearing a grey jumper, putting on a blue surgical face covering.
As lockdown continues to ease, a face mask should be an everyday item such as phones and keys. It is becoming an increasingly important tool in combating Covid-19.

Vulnerabilities show how food chain is broken

Bright blue sign outside of a grey stone building that says 'Food Bank Open'
The UK Government’s £16 million pledge to support front line food charities is a symptom of significant political failure