Staff Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Edinburgh

The following are some of the local organizations which offer a range of counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals and in some cases for couples, children or families.

Generic Counselling Agencies

PF Counselling Service

NEECS (available to people in the North East of Edinburgh)


The Links Counselling Service

First Psychology Edinburgh

Edinburgh Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Whole Works Complementary Therapy and Counselling Centre

Specialist Counselling/other Organisations

Edinburgh and Lothian Council on Alcohol (ELCA)

Bright Light Relationship Counselling

Family Mediation Lothian (support for families and children experiencing a break up)


In addition to the above organisations there are indivdual practitioners who offer counselling/psychotherapy for individuals and/or couples, children or families.  Details of practitioners can be found through their professional organisations listed below.

BACP - British Associaition for Counselling and Psychotherapy

COSCA - Confederations of Scottish Counselling Agencies

UKCP-UK - Council for Psychotherapy

Lists maintained by other organisations

Edinburgh Counselling Agencies

Find support Edinburgh wide

(Information on counselling services is provided here for information purposes only.  The University does not accept any liability for any purchase of counselling services by a member of staff, and the obtaining of such counselling services is entirely at the member of staff's own risk)