Corporate Services Group

CSG University Specialisms

Corporate Services Group includes 11 professional specialisms within the University itself.


In addition to the units listed below, the University carries out some key activities via subsidiary companies, including Edinburgh Innovations and Edinburgh University Press.

CSG Subsidiary Companies


Accommodation, Catering and Events

Director: Richard Kington

Headshot photo of Richard Kington, Director of Accommodation, Catering and Events

Accommodation, Catering and Events provides - either directly, or through their commercial wing Edinburgh First - a wide range of services for students, staff and the general public.

These include residential accommodation for over 9,500 students at over 40 different locations, a wide range of catering services, conference, event and meeting venues, and visitor accommodation.  A wide range of catering services including catering at Pollock Halls for students, summer guests and conferences.  Over 20 cafes, coffee carts and trucks and delivered catering to over 100 buildings. 

Edinburgh First, our commercial brand, offers year round conference, event, meeting venues and fine dining.  Hotels and apartments providing 3 and 4 star accommodation for University Use, conference guests and visitors to the University and the City.  We manage the University's engagement with the Edinburgh Festivals through the Festivals Office. Finally two purpose-built state of the art children's nurseries providing high quality care with over 190 places for children from 0 to 5 for University and local parents. 

Accommodation, Catering and Events

Bioresearch and Veterinary Services

Director: Dr Lesley Penny

Headshot photo of Lesley Penny, Director of Veterinary Scientific Services

Bioresearch and Veterinary Services have responsibility for the care and welfare of animals used in biomedical research at the University. This includes the day to day management of animal facilities, provision of veterinary care, staff training and ensuring compliance with Home Office legislation.

Bioresearch & Veterinary Services


Director: Gary Jebb

Headshot photo of Gary Jebb, Director of Estates

The Estates Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the University’s estate.  A significant programme of investment is underway, in both capital development and the maintenance of the infrastructure and resilience of the estate. This programme of campus improvements will enhance the estate for students, staff and visitors.  Strategic acquisitions and implementation of new build and refurbishment projects will provide modern, sustainable and stimulating working and learning environments across the University to help ensure that it remains at the forefront of world leading research, teaching and learning.



Director: Lee Hamill 

Lee joined the University of Edinburgh in 2015 and took up his new role as Director of Finance in January 2019.  

The Finance Department and its staff are responsible for the effective financial management, stewardship and long term financial health of the University, which has a turnover in excess of £900m per year.


Health and Safety

Director: Suzanne Thompson

The Health and Safety Department provides appropriate and effective support to facilitate the University's attainment of its core objectives in teaching and research, whilst preserving the highest quality of health and safety practice across the University's wide spectrum of activities, so meeting all its legal and moral obligations in this regard.

Health and Safety


Procurement and Printing Services

Directors: Karen Bowman and George Sked 

The Procurement Office and Printing Services provide professional support to the University’s schools and staff, enabling them to select suppliers of the highest quality at a competitive price across all goods and services or capital works purchased. They provide knowledge and expertise in best practice guidance, including legal support, and work with others to aim for continuous improvement in sustainable supply chains. They offer secure eCommerce for firms and uphold the Business Pledge.

The Procurement team supports all schools, staff and students within the University, and their specialists advise on Estates, ICT, Professional & Campus Services and Laboratory & Research Equipment. They also provide procurement advice to Queen Margaret University and collaborate with others in advanced procurement for universities & colleges.

Printing Services also provide services tailored to students, and take private work for external clients (or staff). For the last six years Printing Services have won the Gold standard in sustainability, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices and supply chains.


Printing Services

Edinburgh Research Office

Director: Lorna Thomson

Headshot photo of Lorna Thomson, Director of Research Support Office

The Edinburgh Research Office offers specialist knowledge and targeted support to the University of Edinburgh's research community across the research lifecycle and particularly in the pursuit of funding. We provide wide ranging support for individual projects, collaborative and interdisciplinary   bids and strategic applications.  This includes horizon scanning, advice on targeting the right opportunities, research bid development and expert guidance on external research funders. We provide resources for researchers – presentations and guidance, finances, impact, Knowledge Exchange and legal - and for the extended community of research support, through linked services and shared training, throughout the University.

Edinburgh Research Office

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Director: Dave Gorman

The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability works to enable the University to understand, explain and deliver on its ambition to be a leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

Their key areas of focus are the University's carbon emissions, supply chains, resource use, responsible investments and community engagement. They work to build strong links between the University's own operations and academic research and teaching on these topics, making use of in-house academic expertise and providing on-campus educational opportunities to students. 

The Department's experienced and motivated team deliver high-quality and impactful projects, events, communications and programmes in collaboration with other departments, schools, staff and students, and provide support for anyone at the University with an interest in social responsibility and sustainability. In particular, the department works to ensure as many students as possible have opportunities to learn about social responsibility and sustainability, whether through their programme of study or their lived experience on our campuses.

The department was the first of its kind in the UK, and its work contributed to the University of Edinburgh being named Sustainability Institution of the Year in 2018.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Sport & Exercise

Director: Jim Aitken

Sport & Exercise seeks to deliver inspiring and innovative sport and physical activity opportunities, making the maximum contribution to the whole life

of the University and the people and communities it serves. We are Open to Everybody, with delivery sites at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym (indoor sport & fitness), Peffermill Playing Fields (outdoor team sports), St Leonards Land (sports halls and swimming pool), Easter Bush (satellite gym) and Firbush Outdoor Centre (outdoor adventure).

Sport & Exercise are now among the most respected multi-sport fitness providers in the country, with over 21,000 gym members, 65 sports clubs and ranking 3rd in the UK for sport.  Our graduates include the likes of Olympic champions Sir Chris Hoy (cycling), Dame Katherine Grainger (rowing) and Eric Liddell (athletics), and we proudly provide a dynamic, diverse and high quality programme spanning personal well-being to performance sport.  Sport & Exercise has around 150 staff, and follows a business model constructed around 6 inter-dependant priorities.

Sport & Exercise

Corporate Development

Director: Ashley Shannon 

Risk and Resilience 

Manager: Chris MacLean (Risk Management) 

                     Nikola Brown (Business Continuity)

                     Vacant (Emergency Manager)

Risk and Resilience