Corporate Services Group

CSG Subsidiary Companies

An overview of Corporate Services Group subsidiary companies.

As is common amongst many charities, the University carries out various key activities via subsidiary companies – thereby protecting its charitable status. Obligations between the University and each of its subsidiaries are governed by a Memoranda of Understanding. The following companies are currently active:


Wholly-owned subsidiaries

Edinburgh Innovations

Chief Executive Officer: George Baxter

Headshot photo of George Baxter, CEO of Edinburgh Research & Innovation

Edinburgh Innovations (EI) is the Innovation Management Service for the University of Edinburgh. With partners, they explore opportunities, build ideas and deliver results for industry and the University of Edinburgh. They do this by promoting the research, technology and facilities at the University and use their expertise to manage and develop industry partnerships.

EI are committed to delivering a service that drives benefit for industry and society in line with the strategic goals and ambitions of the University of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh University Press

Chief Executive: Nicola Ramsey 

Edinburgh University Press is one of the leading university presses in the UK. Their publications carry the imprimatur of one of Britain's oldest and most distinguished centres of learning and enjoy the highest academic standards through the scholarly appraisal of their Press Committee. They seek excellence in their books and journals programmes and combine cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce works of lasting importance in their selected subject areas across the humanities and social sciences. 

Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh Technology Fund Limited

Chair: Ashley Shannon

The principal activity of Edinburgh Technology Fund (ETF) is the management of investment funds, providing seed corn venture capital for early stage high technology developments and the management of its portfolio of investments made using its funds. The company also acts as a nominee shareholder for the University of Edinburgh for some equity holdings held in spin-out companies.

Edinburgh Technology Fund Limited

Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation Limited

Chair: Andy Kerr

Promotes low-carbon innovation, products and services in Hong Kong and southern China. HKCCI Ltd is domiciled in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation Limited

Old College Capital GP Limited

Chair: John Lonsdale

Acts as the general partner in two Scottish legal partnerships established by the UoE to carry out investment activities. It should be noted that this Company is actually a subsidiary of ERI Ltd, not the University of Edinburgh directly.

Old College Capital 

UoE Accommodation Limited

Chair: Gary Jebb

The University of Edinburgh Hospitality and Events Collection

UoE Deaconess Limited

Chair: Lee Hamill

Owner and lessor of Deaconess House to the University of Edinburgh as a student residence.

UoE HPCx Limited

Chair: Richard Kenway

Provides High-Performance Computing services to the UK research community. Funded by EPSRC. The current generation is provided through ARCHER.


UoE Estates Services Company Limited

Chair: Terry Fox

Provides Combined Heat and Power to the University. Strategically, it assists the University in pursuing its goal of sustainable and efficient use of energy.

FinTech Scotland Limited

Chair: Stephen Ingledew 

FinTech Scotland

Other Subsidiaries and Limited Partnerships

Old College Capital LP

Both OCC LP and OCCSI LP form part of an approach to managing spinout investments from the University of Edinburgh.

Old College Capital Strategic Investments LP

As above.

Roslin Technologies Limited

Roslin Technologies Ltd facilitates the commercialisation of research from the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. The Company is owned 50:50 with JB Equity.