Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

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The Centre is associated with a number of other research groups and centres with similar interests in Latin American cultures and aims to contribute to the University’s institutional collaborations with universities across Latin America.

Edinburgh Global

Edinburgh Global provides a range of services for staff, current students and prospective students. This includes visa advice, opportunities to go abroad, and guidance on setting up partnerships. The Latin America team supports and helps develop our long-standing links across the region.

Edinburgh Global - Latin America team

University Partnerships and Exchange links

The University of Edinburgh has links with Latin America dating back to the 19th century. A list of the universities and agencies with whom the University has research agreements can be found on the Edinburgh Global website:


There are a number of opportunites for students to study abroad with associated universities in Latin America. For more information on our exchange partners, please visit the Edinburgh Global website:

Student exchange links

Latin American scholarships

For those interested in visiting Edinburgh as part of an exchange programme from Central or South America, the University maintains a list of available funding awards and scholarships:

Latin American Society

The Edinburgh University Students' Latin American Society is for students who are from Latin America, as well as those who have been to Latin America or are curious about Latin American culture, politics or economics.

Latin American Society

The Latin American Society also maintain a wiki with details about life in Edinburgh, with tips for current and prospective students.

LatAmSoc wiki

Mexican Society

The University of Edinburgh Mexican Society aims to promote Mexican culture and traditions in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mexican Society

Chilean Society

The Chilean Society aims to promote linkages between Chilean students currently residing in Edinburgh and to support networks of academics and organisations across and beyond the University of Edinburgh.

Chilean Society on Facebook