Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

Principal visits Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil

In July 2014, the Principal and Dalinda Perez Alvarez, Director of the Office of the Americas visited Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

The objectives were to develop new partnerships between the University and governments, funding agencies, HEIs and other key partners; to establish the University as a key partner for Ecuador though a specific project in the Galapagos Islands and ECCI and partners.

As a result we signed an MOU with the Ministry of Electricity and renewable Energy of Ecuador (MEEr); to identify potential for joint research and technology transfer activities; and to achieve new exchange agreements between institutions such as universities in Colombia and brazil.

It was a very productive trip and it helped Edinburgh raise its profile in Latin America. The Principal and Director of the Office of the Americas were also part of the III Universia International President’s Meeting organised by Santander in rio de Janeiro, brazil. It was an excellent opportunity to network, as well as to strengthen and develop new partnerships and relationships.