Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

Decolonizing the academy - Call for papers

We welcome panel and abstract submissions for papers engaging with questions of decolonization/decoloniality. We welcome scholars working in and on any geographical region, but we are particularly interested in work on the Americas and Africa and dialogues between them.

This one-day conference, titled "Decolonizing the academy", will be held at the University of Edinburgh and will feature a keynote lecture by Ramón Grosfoguel (UC- Berkeley).

Friday 26 February 2016

Possible themes for submitted papers include:

  • Decolonial social movements and political projects
  • Decolonial, non-capitalist and revolutionary subjectivities,
  • epistemologies, ontologies, philosophies and theologies
  • Past and present forms of slavery and demands for slavery reparations
  • Epistemic violence
  • Dimensions of the colonial matrix of power, including gender and
  • sexuality, institutions, knowledge and authority
  • Theoretical engagements with decolonial thinkers
  • Border thinking and non-linear forms of knowledge
  • Transmodernity
  • The politics of buen vivir
  • Power beyond the state
  • Meanings, discourses and representations of blackness/indigeneity
  • The Africa diaspora, the Black Atlantic, the Black Pacific
  • Racism/anti-racism
  • Decentring Eurocentrism
  • Interactions between MCD and postcolonial studies
  • Questions of cultural and political citizenship
  • Alternative and non-modern spatialities, temporalities, cartographies and chronologies

Please send paper and panel proposals to Julie Cupples (julie.cupples@ed.ac.uk) using the application form which can be found here:


Deadline for submission: 9 December 2015

For further information about these events, please contact Julie Cupples (julie.cupples@ed.ac.uk)