Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies

Ecuador energy and environment research agenda

Understanding energy and environment in Ecuador: towards the identification of a jointly-developed research agenda.

The proposed knowledge exchange has the objective of providing an opportunity for addressing emerging global challenges in relation to climate change, adaptation to environmental shocks and to environmental change, resilience and sustainable resources, through sharing experiences in Ecuador.

The overall aim of the proposed programme is to identify means and research agendas for future partnership and collaboration around the country’s climate change strategy, addressing energy, sustainability and environment.

Through an intensive 5-day interdisciplinary and international fieldwork, which will include a range of events, such as meetings, workshops, presentations, site visits in Quito.

This activity will engage Ecuadorian:

  • Academics
  • Students
  • Industry
  • Civil society
  • Policy makers 

Rooted in ongoing research and partnerships, led by colleagues across CAHSS and CSE the proposed events will address key challenges in relation to: 

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Environmental hazards
  • Sustainability
  • Enewable energy

This knowledge exchange activity will provide the basis for understanding the socio-political, economic and physical context of Ecuador, in order to identify research and development strategies for future collaboration.

Understanding the context and building trust will contribute to building sustainable partnerships, which could successfully address the identified challenges through following research under GCRF.