Communications and Marketing

Filming services

Our team produces high-quality, professional audio-visual material, from audio podcasts to high-definition promotional films.

From audio podcasts of public lectures to high-definition promotional films, we produce material that communicates Edinburgh life to a global audience.

We provide a full video service, from recording to post-production. We will work with you to support your needs and deliver a professionally finished product in a format ready for broadcast.


There is a charge for video services at the University. The cost of a video project will be affected by many variables, including;

  • Location
  • Duration of recording
  • Staff resource requirements
  • Project requirements
  • Post-production, including any graphics, music or voice-over

Include as much detail as possible when completing the video request form to help us calculate a quote for your project.

Video request form


It is advisable to contact us as early as possible. We are a University wide service and demand for our time is on the increase.

Note that recordings will always require set-up and de-rig time. Post-production time should also be considered.

We will set out timescales with you once we have a clear timetable for the event required.

Copyright and permissions

If your lecture or event includes slides, images or music, you must ensure that you own the copyright or have appropriate written permission from the copyright owner.

You should make sure you have the permission of all people being recorded. If you do not gain the correct permission from people this may mean you are not able to use the material filmed.

Our recommendation is to offer people the opportunity to opt-out of being included in any content rather than needing to opt-in.

Corporate idents

The Video Unit has produced a set of corporate idents that can be used to identify the University as the owner of a piece of video content.

There are two idents, both of which should be used on all videos produced for and by the University (including those produced by external agencies):

  • intro/opening sequence: white University logo on a black background
  • outro/closing sequence: white University logo on a black background, copyright statement and voiceover

You can download the ident files for inclusion in your own video productions.

Download the ident files (requires EASE authentication)