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Image bank and photography consent

How to access our free image bank and advice on photography consent

University image bank

We maintain a bank of photographs for University staff to use in their teaching, learning, recruitment or marketing activities. All images remain copyright of the University of Edinburgh.

Image bank

The image bank is password-protected.

Image bank password (requires EASE authentication)

If you would like to contribute photographs to the image bank, please contact our Graphic Designer, Susan Halcro.

istock image library

We also offer a free service to use images from the external image library, istock.

istock image library

If you require an image or images from the istock database, please email our designer, Susan Halcro, with the following details:

  • the image's web address
  • what the image is to be used for
  • the date by which you must receive the image(s)
  • your school/department

We will send you the largest size available (for future flexibility of use) and archive it.

Susan Halcro

Graphic Designer

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  • Working days: Monday - Thursday

Photography consents

If you are commissioning photography or taking your own photographs of individuals for University use then you need to have the permission of the people being photographed.


If you wish to take photographs or video at public or private events, you must communicate this to the attendees in advance. We recommend that you include the following statement on the invitation or event booking confirmation, and also place notices in a prominent place at the venue entrances:

This event may be photographed and/or recorded for promotional or recruitment materials for the University and University approved third parties. For further information please contact the organiser [insert contact details].

Consent form

If you are taking photos of specific individuals (during a pre-arranged photoshoot, for example) you need to ask the subject to a sign consent form, which specifies how the images will be used. You can download a copy of the University's official form for this purpose: