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The University needs to ensure that our brand gets maximum exposure at events and exhibitions. Whatever the type or scale of the event all University events should be prominently and consistently branded. Although requirements will vary depending on the nature of the event, you should consider the following:

Have a consistent visual style for your event and event promotions
All events and promotions relating to that event should have a consistent visual style that follows our brand guidelines. This will help audience recognition of the event and improve our brand recognition.
Ensure our brand will feature in photographs
It may sound obvious, but make sure our logo is positioned in key places that will be photographed at an event. Displaying our URL, where it might be captured in photography or film, is also recommended. Ensure that any backdrops used for photography or lecterns for speakers will include a logo within the frame of the photograph.
Create reusable materials
Try not to include dates on banners or materials that could be reused. Including the date or name of an event means that it cannot be used again.
Agree sponsor and partner brand positioning in advance
If sponsors or partners are involved make sure that you agree details of branding in pre event publicity and during the event as part of your negotiations before a contract is signed. This should include logo positioning, size and colour. Always consider that partners and sponsors want to work with our brand and might be prepared to lose some of their brand primacy to be involved.

Corporate banner stands

You can request to borrow corporate banner pull-up stands from Communications and Marketing. Please contact our Administration team.

Administration team

Events calendar

Our events calendar lists University events that are free and open to the public.

Events calendar

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To feature your public event on the University events calendar, please use the submission form. Only events that are free, officially connected to the University and for a public audience will be listed.

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To promote an internal event, please use the University's portal, MyEd.


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