Communications and Marketing

Advertising help and support

Guidance and advice to help manage your advertising activities and resources for corporate campaigns.

Advertising and media buying

External advertising and media buying

Spiritmedia is the University's partner for Media Planning, Buying and Campaign Management services and should be consulted when you are looking to purchase advertising space on any channel/format.

Spiritmedia will help you by recommending suitable channels for external advertising and to negotiate for advertising space on the University's behalf to get best value.

They are able to provide us with the following services:

  • Media and campaign planning (on and offline media)
  • Media negotiations and media buying (on and offline media)
  • Campaign measurement and analysis
  • Advice on advertising channels/publications

External advertising and media buying (requires EASE authentication)

Advertising on external postgraduate platforms

The University has bought institutional profiles on the following postgraduate platforms:;;;; and

Please contact Spiritmedia if you wish to place further advertising on any of these platforms as they will be able to identify special rates or bulk deals available to the University. You should not liaise directly with any 3rd party website.

External advertising and media buying (requires EASE authentication)

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