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How Media Training can make you a better communicator

The University offers Media Training to staff in order to equip them with the skills and confidence to communicate more effectively.

People talking in microphones

Using practical, mock, TV and radio interview scenarios, you’ll be taught how broadcast media journalists approach such interviews and how you can avoid some of the common pitfalls.

You’ll gain insights into how to take control of an interview, ensuring your points are conveyed in an assured and authoritive manner.

We’ll explain how to identify your key messages, handle tough questions, and remain focused and calm when facing the third degree.

Who is it for?

Media Training is intended for any staff member, both academic and professional, who intends to engage with the media.

Whether explaining your research, or conveying key points on University policy, you need to be succinct and relevant.

The training is led by former broadcast news journalists, whose insights will provide an authentic and realistic experience.

You’ll be taught how to use conversational English, without jargon or acronyms; how key statistics and interesting examples bolster your argument; and how the correct presentational style will help get your message across more effectively.

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