QMRI flow cytometry and cell sorting facility

How to access the facility

The QMRI Flow Cytometry and cell sorting facility offers a comprehensive service to all researchers requiring the use of flow cytometry technology with specialist assistance.

The QFCf is located in the QMRI within the little France Campus of the University of Edinburgh.  

The facility provides researchers, both internal and external, access to state-of-the-art cell sorting instrumentation and flow cytometry analysers, all fully supported by highly trained staff.   

Our specialists are on hand to assist with all aspects of flow cytometry :

  • Panel design: advice on how to choose the correct fluorochrome/antibody combinations

  • Sample preparation: advice on staining protocols and accessing relevant resources

  • Controls: using the appropraite controls to ensure your data is significant

  • Instrument use: training and/or assistance available, as required

  • Troubleshooting scientific and experimental issues

  • Data Analysis: advice on gating strategies and presentation of your data

  • Data interpretation:  what does it all mean?


University of Edinburgh Researchers

Our training programme is available for all internal and visiting university researchers wishing to access our resources.

Researchers from Other Academic Institutions

The QMRI Flow Cytometry and cell sorting facility is fully accessible to academic scientists from other research institutes.

Commercial scientists

The QMRI Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility is able to provide a choice of cytometry services to commercial customers.