Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) Facility

CALM image analysis workstation with dedicated software

Short description of the computing facility for image processing, analysis and quantitation

Workstation for data handling and analysis

The acquired raw image is not the end point of most imaging-based experiments. Therefore, the CALM facility provides a high-end computing workstation for image data processing and analysis to quantitate imaging experiments. Centre of this equipment is a HP Z640 workstation with 128 GB RAM, a 6-core Xeon processor and 3 TB of storage space.

  • SVI Huygens
  • NIH Fiji/ImageJ
  • Bitplane Imaris
  • PE Volocity
  • Leica LAS lite
  • Zeiss

We can provide remote access to this workstation and we also deliver training on all installed software on request. Training requests and bookings can be placed via the PPMS.

For more details on the different analysis software packages please see Image data handling and analysis.