Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) Facility

Andor Revolution XDi confocal

Equipment details

Andor Revolution XDi Spinning disk confocal microscope - Imaging platform for fast multi-dimensional imaging

This microscope is based on an inverted Olympus IX83 microscope stand and a Yokogawa CSU-X1 spinning disk module and has been specified for fast, high-resolution three- and four-dimensional imaging of live and fixed specimens. The fast recording rate makes this system perfect for capturing fast biological events (up to approx. 20 fps) and/or the image acquisition from large areas or volumes.

It includes two highly sensitive EMCCD cameras with a separate TuCam beam splitter. A MicroPoint photo-manipulation module extends the functionality to carry out ROI-based targeted ablation, activation, conversion etc. The system is located in E0.17 (swipe card access only). Bookings through PPMS


Specification summary:

  • Spinning disk module - Yokogawa CSU-X1 (optimised for 60x lenses, pinhole diameter XX microns, pinhole spacing XX microns)
  • Two Andor DU-897 EMCCD cameras (512 x 512 pixels, with a pixel size of 16 microns square)
  • A TuCam beam splitter module can be used to split and filter the emitted light between the two cameras for simultaneous image acquisition.
  • The laser bed is operated by a fast AOTF and contains the following lines: 405, 488, 532, 561 and 640 nm
  • In addition, the system is equipped with a pulsed 337 nm nitrogen laser as part of the MicroPoint manipulation module. For this, conversion dyes are available to generate the following wavelength lines for photo-manipulation: 365, 405 and 440 nm.
  • Okolab Bold Line enclosure with control of temperature, humidity and variable carbon dioxide concentration
  • Software - Andor iQ3 or MetaMorph





The Andor Revolution XDi is equipped with the following lenses:

Lens magnification

Imm medium

Plan Super Apochromat 4x A 0.16
Plan Fluorite 10x A 0.3
Super Apochromat 20x A 0.6
Plan Super Apochromat 20x O 0.85
Plan Super Apochromat 40x S 1.05
Plan Semi Apo Fluorite 40x O 1.3
Plan Fluorite 40x A 0.75
Plan Super Apochromat 60x W 1.2
Plan Super Apochromat 60x S 1.3
Plan Apochromat 60x O 1.42
Plan Super Apochromat 100x O 1.4

water, A = air, O = immersion oil, S = silicone oil


Photo-manipulation module

The MicroPoint module can be used on sample regions of interest for photo-activation or -ablation. Since the efficiency of this manipulation is depending on the scattering properties of the tissue, we are happy to offer feasibility test on your sample, free of charge. Advanced training for this module and advice on the required experimental design will be provided on demand.