MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain

Programme structure

All of our programme offerings are delivered on a part-time basis by fully online distance learning.

Programme Delivery   


The programme is delivered as individual courses which combine for each level of achievement. Prospective students can apply to study for a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or a Masters degree, and these have different lengths of study.   


  • Year One - you must successfully complete 60 credits of courses to achieve the Postgraduate Certificate (total 60 credits). 

  • Year Two – you must successfully complete an additional 60 credits to achieve the Postgraduate Diploma (total 120 credits). 

  • Year Three – you must successfully complete a final 60 credits to achieve the Masters degree (total 180 credits). 


If the completion of a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Masters degree does not align to your current goals, you have the option to take a single course of study to enhance a particular element of clinical practice.  Students may take a maximum of 50 credits worth of courses through our Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) scheme These lead to an award of academic credit or after one year of taking courses, you can choose to transfer your credits and continue on to study towards a higher award of a Masters, Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate. 


What courses will I take?  


Information on the specific courses currently being offered, including learning and assessment activities, can be found in the Degree Finder, in the section called ‘Programme Structure’, using the link below:     



Teaching & Assessment   


The programme is delivered using a combination of:  


Tutor-led activity Group work Individual learning
Recorderd lectures Discussion boards Self-directed study
Live sessions Group activities/assignments Investigation

…and is assessed in a range of ways including :  


Coursework Presentation Production
Assignments Topic focused Clinical resources


Delivery dates academic year 24/25


Induction Term 1 Break Term 2 Break Term 3 Summer break
09/09/24 16/09/24 09/12/24 06/01/25 31/03/25 07/04/25 30/06/25