MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain

CPD - Continuing Professional Development

We know that continued professional development is an essential part of any progressive healthcare professional’s career, but it can be difficult to find the course that best suits your needs, schedule and budget. We deliver a range of tutored, participatory, online courses across the year to help professionals to meet CPD requirements and stay up-to-date with the latest advances.


The fact that the resources are fully supplied each week has meant that as a CPD course I have been able to fit study around my numerous work and home commitments.

CPD Student 2017

Key Features of the CPD Courses

  • Self-contained, online learning courses delivered via a custom designed learning environment
  • Access to a carefully curated, open access, reading list to support your learning
  • Delivered entirely online via your web browser - no plugins or software downloads required
  • Learning methods include practitioner-oriented problem solving, computer-aided learning exercises and online class discussions
  • Tutor support throughout each course
  • Multi-disciplinary participation
  • No formal assessment although each course has specific participation requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to receive your ‘Certificate of Participation’
  • Includes online presentations, online discussions, reading material and self-directed study



All of our CPD courses are taken online and offer a flexible way to study while maintaining work and personal commitments. Each CPD course is five weeks in duration. Each week (on a Saturday) content is released; you can review, print, read, and engage with that material. The following Monday to Friday your tutor joins the class online for discussions about the topics raised. You are encouraged to discuss with your class, ask questions and raise important points for feedback. This discussion is a key component of the learning process and the more you can engage with other learners and tutors, the more productive and enjoyable your learning will be.


What do you get at the end of the course?

At the end of each course, you will have some weeks to review and reflect on your understanding of the course materials, and to download any relevant material as future aide-memoires.  Participants taking a CPD course will receive a Certificate of Participation on evidence that they have:

  • logged in to the learning environment each week while the course is live
  • contributed at least one post to each weekly discussion forum and/or contributed to any other online learning requirements of the course
  • completed the personal reflective review on course completion



Five Week Courses (£200.00 each)



The above links to payment will be closed one week before the start date of each course

Pain Management team


Entry Requirements

These CPD course are most suitable for healthcare professionals with an interest or practice base in acute, chronic and palliative pain management. There are no minimum entry requirements; however, to gain the most from the CPD courses, we would strongly suggest that applicants also:

  • hold a higher education qualification, for example Diploma, BSc (Hons) or BA (Hons), in a healthcare related field
  • have been a qualified healthcare professional for a minimum of two years before entry to the into the course, and,
  • be sufficiently fluent in English reading, listening and writing to engage effectively with other learners


Registration Details

Applications for CPD courses must be received no later than two weeks before the start date of each course.