MSc in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

What is PEM?

Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) is a developing specialty.

Paediatric Emergency Medicine has its roots in Emergency Medicine and Paediatrics but also has close affiliations with Primary Care, Public Health and Paediatric Critical Care.

From quite a diverse background, PEM is now developing into a specialty in its own right, and there is a great need for extra PEM training on a UK, European and worldwide basis.

No matter where emergency care is practised, there are three broad parameters that need to be addressed, and these form the key learning outcomes of the programme:

  • Recognition of the critically ill or injured child and the ability to provide immediate and ongoing life-saving treatment
  • The ability to recognise a child in pain or distress and to deliver appropriate treatment
  • To recognise a vulnerable child at risk of abuse in any form