MSc in Paediatric Emergency Medicine


These are the core courses that will be available to you on the programme.

Students should complete the following compulsory courses
Year Course Core/Optional Credit total
1 Fundamentals in Paediatric Emergency Medicine 1 Core 20
  Fundamentals in Paediatric Emergency Medicine 2 Core 20
  Fundamentals in Paediatric Emergency Medicine 3 Core 20
2 Medical Emergencies Core 20
  Surgical Emergencies & Trauma/ Anaesthesia & Sedation Option PEM 20
  Additional Topics in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Option PEM 20
  Paediatric Critical Care 1 Option PCCM 20
  Paediatric Critical Care 2 Option PCCM 20
3 Management Issues in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Core 20
  Written reflective element for the MSc in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Core 40

Certificate and diploma level courses

Year one provides the basis for recognition of generic emergency situations in children. Basic physiology, pathophysiology and elements of therapy are introduced.  The year finishes with an exploration of ethical issues, child protection and paediatric resuscitation.

In year two, for the diploma level, students will follow a common core course in Paediatric Medical Emergencies which will develop experience in disease management and critical appraisal.  Having completed this course students have the option of embarking on further emergency medicine studies (surgical specialties, trauma) and a self-selected component (Additional Topics); or choosing to develop skills in Paediatric Critical Care Medicine.  This latter option is designed to increase knowledge and expertise for those who wish to work (or are working in) paediatric high dependency, paediatric transport medicine, or who aspire to a later career in paediatric intensive care.   


Paediatric medicine flow chart with certificate and diploma options

Masters level option

There are 2 components to be completed at Masters level:  

  • The Written Reflective Element (WRE) 
  • Management Issues 

For the WRE students can either choose from a list of suggested topics, or propose a topic relevant to any aspect of Paediatric  Emergency or Critical Care Medicine. 

Previous topics have included areas such as major incident management in children, triage in developing nations, toxicology (organophosphate poisoning), injury prevention and sepsis.  

These will be supervised reflective assignments, and include a written element that is appropriate for the subject. Proposals for alternative topics may be considered, provided they fall within Paediatric Emergency or Critical Care Medicine globally, and a suitable reflective component can be agreed.

For Management Issues students will work in groups to answer problems common to the management of paediatric emergency or critical care medicine departments.