MSc in Paediatric Emergency Medicine


The programme is taught and assessed in three 11-week terms from September to June.

Like many online learning programmes we do not strictly follow that of the University.  Our timetable for  2021-22 will run as follows:

Welcome Week 13 - 17 September
Term 1 20 September - 5 December (1 week revision break mid-term)
Term 2 10 January - 27 March (1 week revision break mid-term)
Term 3 11 April - 26June (1 week revision break mid-term)

These 11 week terms will be structured into two blocks of five weeks of study with a week in between for independent study and reflection.

This framework is designed to fit in with the part-time nature of this programme, giving you more time to reflect on learning and lessen the impact of the additional requirements that studying will have on your working life.