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Excellent learning experiences

Community-based research provides opportunities for the wider public to generate research ideas, questions and agendas. When students perform research in response to these question, they co-create research to find solutions to real world problems. This approach aims to strengthen the research process and its outcomes for all partners involved.

Students learn to use their critical thinking skills to analyse complex societal issues. Working within interdisciplinary teams (groups of students from across the 3 Colleges and from various disciplines) allows students to apply their own academic rigour to the research question while acquiring an interactive expertise of other disciplines.

Working with community partners, students learn sophisticated skills of perspective taking, negotiation and participatory action research.

Community partners become researchers in their own right and build and broaden their health literacy and in doing so become more confident and responsible for their own health needs.

The Edinburgh Award

The Edinburgh Award is a University of Edinburgh programme that students can undertake alongside a particular activity. The Award aims to recognise student involvement in these activities and enhance the learning experience. We would use the Edinburgh Award to recognise student’s learning as part of our Summer projects.

Students who complete the Edinburgh Award will be invited to an Award reception where they will receive their Edinburgh Award.

Student Led Individually Created Course

Students will also be able to gain credits for their work if they opt to take their Our Health project as a Student Led Individually Created Course (SLICC)


The Edinburgh Award

Student Led Individually Created Course (SLICC)