EPSRC Our Health

Community partner's feedback

The relationships we create and build with our community partners form the essential foundations of the Our Health research projects.

I see the interdisciplinary nature of these projects as a real strength. Our research question was complex and multi-layered. We need students from all of these different disciplines to work together to start unpacking and investigating that. It was exciting to work with them and see that actually happening.

Anne McKayBreathtakers, Anne lives with the lung condition bronchiectasis

We became part of the research process and because we set the agenda and research question we were motivated to work with the students to investigate and find answers together. We want to continue working on this question, we feel we have just begun, there is still so much we want to learn.

Anne RichieCommunity health practitioner and co founder of the Cheyne Gang choir

We explored carefully what the Cyrenian research question would be and now the project is up and running we can see how committed the Our Health team are in creating high quality community driven research, the project planning and co ordination has been excellent.

Amy HuttonHead of Services, Cyrenians

Aravind Eye Care System are delighted to partner with EPSRC Our Health. It has been our desire to keep patient centricity always as our prime focus of attention and this will steer the way we work. We look forward to working closely with EPSRC Our health team to evolve mutually beneficial collaborative partnership in the years to come.

Dr PrajnaChief - Dept Medical Education - Aravind Eye Care System