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Alumni and thesis titles

Below is a list of our Alumni and their thesis titles


Name Degree  Thesis title
Preeti Vijaya Mahankali-Rao MScR, 2020 Optimising chondrocyte viability to support development of a viable ex-vivo human model, for laboratory testing of regenerative therapies treating damaged articular cartilage
Khalid Al-Hourani MD, 2020 The effect of cortical bone decollagenisation on fracture biomechanics at low strain rate.
Rhys Clement PhD, 2020 Investigating the causes of chondrocyte death in septic arthritis
Nicholas Clement MD, 2020 The Epidemiology and Outcome of Fractures in Elderly and Super-Elderly Patients
Ewan Goudie MD, 2020 Neck of Humerus Fractures: Epidemiology, Predictors of Nonunion and Classification
Maurice Griffin PhD, 2020 Factors affecting neuromuscular recovery following open knee surgery
Simon Graham

PhD, 2020

Fracture Healing in HIV-positive Patients
Rachel Penman MScR, 2019 The Patient Experience of Revision Knee Arthroplasty: a qualitative study
Ben Waterson MD, 2018 The Effects on Alignment on Total Knee Arthroplasty 
Rida Benfayed MD, 2018 Kneeling ability following total knee arthroplasty
Chloe Scott MD, 2017 The Effectof unicompartmental knee replacement tibial component design on proximal tibial strain and ongoing pain
Andrew Duckworth PhD, 2016 Proximal Forearm Fractures: Epidemiology, functional results and predictors of outcome
Natalia Harasymowicz PhD, 2016 The effect of morbid obesity on osteoarthritis
Adeel Akhtar MD, 2016 Hypermobility, ACL reconstruction & Shoulder instability: A clinical, mechanical and histological analysis
Leanora Mills MD, 2016 Fracture non-union, Epidemiology and Treatment
Alisdair Macleod PhD, 2015

Modelling and Optimising the Mechanical Behaviour of Fractures Treated with Locking Plates

Paul Hindle PhD, 2015 The chondrogenic potential of perivascular stem cells from the infra-patellar fat pad
Paul Jenkins MD, 2015 The Structure and Function of the Proximal Femur
Iain R Murray PhD, 2014 Perivascular stem cells at the crossroads of tissue regeneration and pathology
Gregory Robertson PhD, 2014 Methods of Estimating Bone Mineral Density in Digital Radiography
Yicheng Lin PhD, 2014 A novel organ culture model for a complete synovial joint: Creation and application
Innes Smith PhD, 2014 An Investigation of the role of Staphylococcus Aureus Toxins in a Cartilage Explant Model of Septic Arthritis 
Graham Dall MD, 2014 An investigation, using an in vitro alginate biofilm model, into locally delivered antibiotic combinations to treat staphylococcal prosthetic infection 
Sally-Anne Phillips MD, 2014 Investigation of Bone Fracture Repair in the Presence of Perturbed Lymphocyte Function
Tulyapruek Tawonsawatruk PhD, 2013 Using Mesenchymal stem cell to promote fracture healing
Jerome Goffin PhD, 2013 Complications of trochanteric fracture fixation
Noel Conlisk PhD, 2013 Numerical and experimental studies on the mechanical behaviour of the distal femur following total knee arthroplasty
Katherine Cameron PhD, 2013 Calcium phosphate substrate-directed osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Michael Kelly MD, 2012 Characterisation of the biological potential of fracture non-union tissue
Robert Wallace PhD, 2011 The Effect of Strain Rate and Bone Quality on the Bending Behaviour of Whole Bone
David Hamilton PhD, 2011 Physiological and Mechanical Influences on Muscle Function Following Total Knee Arthroplasty
Anish Amin PhD, 2011 Chondrocyte death in injured articular cartilage - in vitro evaluation of chondroprotective strategies using confocal laser scanning microscopy  
Finn Donaldson PhD, 2011

Incorporating bone micro-structure in macro-finite element models

Terence Savaridas MD, 2011 The Effects of Bisphosphonate on Direct Fracture Healing
Gavin Brown PhD, 2010

Changes in Telomere Length in Rabbit Osteoblasts Following Distraction Osteogenesis

Judith Lane PhD, 2010 Knee joint stiffness and function following total knee arthroplasty
Sarah Dawson PhD, 2009

Digital X-ray analysis for monitoring fracture healing

Mark Gaston PhD, 2009

The cellular role of the specific immune system in fracture repair

Duncan Sharp PhD, 2009 Bioactive Scaffolds with Potential for Bone Regenerative Medical Applications
Erin Ross PhD, 2009

Freehand three dimensional ultrasound for imaging components of the musculoskeletal system

Blair Tweedie MsC, 2009

Detection of fraction propagation and assessment of optimal implant fit by vibrational wave analysis during cementless prosthesis insertion

Philippe Vadillo PhD, 2008

Scaffolds for bone repair using computer aided design and manufacture

Matthew Hope MD, 2008

Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome

Christina Huber PhD, 2007

The effects of estrogen and SERMs on bone cell viability

Alastair Murray MD, 2007

Fracture healing in osteopenic bone and the influence of simvastatin

Karlmeinrad Giesinger  MSc, 2006

Application of vibration analysis to assess femoral press-fit stability and bone integrity in hip arthroplasty : an in vitro study

Brendan Hawes MSc, 2006  
Dianne Murray PhD, 2005

Skeletal failure of the immature skeleton

Georgia Kogianni PhD, 2004

The biological significance of osteocyte apoptosis

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