Clinical Sciences

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Each PGR Student must have at least two supervisors within the first two months of starting their degree programme, except Masters by Research (MScR) students who will be appointed one supervisor.

There are two types of supervision arrangement (most often it is the first option);

  1. Principal Supervisor plus Assistant Supervisor(s)
  2. Co-Supervisors - one of whom is designated the Lead Supervisor

Supervisors provide support, help and guidance during study for a research degree and report to the Deanery regularly.

The role of a supervisor is described in the Postgraduate Degree Programme Regulations (Sections 25 and 36) and in the Code of Practice for supervisors and research students. The principal supervisor or lead supervisor may request changes to the supervisory team at any time by contacting the CSTO administrators with details of the proposed changes. All supervisor appointments are subject to approval by the Director for Research Programmes and the Head of the Deanery.