Clinical Sciences

Personal Tutors for Taught Students

Each student will be appointed a Personal Tutor (PT). Your PT is a member of academic staff familiar with your general area of study and the expectations of academic work in your discipline.

Working with your Personal Tutor will help you to:

  • Become a more confident learner in your discipline and play an active part in your academic community.
  • Reflect on your academic progress and make the most effective use of your academic feedback.
  • Develop the range of skills and attributes required for success at university and beyond.

You can find out who your PT is via MyEd. Your PT will support you throughout your time at the University of Edinburgh, giving you academic support and a route to pastoral support. You, as a Tutee, will work with your PT to reflect on your academic performance and on how this contributes to your aspirations and helps you to engage as a member of a community of learners. You will also be supported throughout your time at the University by a student support team.